The original “TAKACHO Sweets” found in the same Kichikoji area is our original store. This branch was founded in its current location in 1914.

First generation Chiyomatsu Takahashi
During the time of our founder, Chiyomatsu Takahashi, TANE-GASHI (sweets made from seeds, nuts, and such), DAGASHI (Japanese sweets), candies, MANJU (buns) and such, were made and sold.
At that time, children from the neighborhood would peek into the window and watch the work being done, wanting some candy, and were happy to eat something they received.

Second generation Chiyoshi Takahashi
Chiyoshi Takahashi went to Tokyo to study under the idea, “This era is not for TANE-GASHI or DAGASHI, but for confectioneries such as NAMA-GASHI (cakes).” After returning from his studies, he began to make and sell items such as NAMA-GASHI, YOKAN (jellies made from sweet beans), and ASANAMA-GASHI (such as SAKURA-MOCHI, UGUISU-MOCHI, and KASHIWA-MOCHI ? rice cakes made for that day with various flavors). The “AN-Doughnuts” (doughnuts made with sweet bean paste), “KURUMI-MANJU” (walnut paste buns), and “YUBESHI” (sweets made from citron) sold today at TAKACHIYO are examples of ideas from this second generation.

Third generation Takeyoshi Takahashi
Takeyoshi Takahashi worked in Tokyo, but he was called home during the second generation. During that second generation, just as he became an apprentice, Chiyoshi fell ill and became unable to make sweets. Though still a beginner, Takeyoshi listened well to the lessons of his father and began making his own sweets. He made many mistakes, but always tried again. He was a really hard worker.
Moreover, he had a strong vitality and learned how to make sponge cakes from the president of the current GATEAU GEORGE, growing to become the main product at that time. In addition, these sweets are examples of ideas from the third generation that are sold at TAKACHIYO today as “YAKEISHI-NO-YUKI” and “ANZU Pie.”

Fourth generation Kazutaka Takahashi
Kazutaka Takahashi studied WAGASHI (Japanese sweets) in Sendai. His two year older sister Hitomi studied YOGASHI (pastries) in Tokyo. While they were studying, Takeyoshi passed away due to illness. His wife, the current president of the company, made the decision to shut down the store for a year as the two children were still studying. After the year was up, first Hitomi returned to TAKACHIYO to reopen as a pastry shop.
Two years later, in 1999, Kazutaka joined her after completing his training, and in 2004 the storefront, bakery, and parking lot were renovated as they are today.
Fourth generation Kazutaka Takahashi
I hope to be at the head of our staff, continuing to take on the challenge of being responsible for passing on WAGASHI as part of Japanese culture, such as KACHO-FUGETU (traditional themes of natural beauty in Japanese aesthetics) to the next generation, and look to the future of TAKACHIYO.
Sato Hitomi, pastry chef
I hope to a craftsman who makes sweets based on the history and traditions of French confectioneries that can meet the demands of our customers from this area, and that can deliver lots of happiness, smiles, and sincerity.